Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oops I did it again

I guess I overdid it yesterday or Monday cause I'm feeling it; since last night I'm way more stooped over and achy in the backy, hips and legs.

Tyler got me a set of hand weights and I've been doing upper body workouts for my arms, shoulders, chest and upper back. I've been very conscious to try to keep the lumbar spine stable, but it is hard! Now I know I must have moved it the wrong way, cause moving in any way is really hard. The Ultram helps, though I *still* have to take Tylenol with it, and it makes me very agitated once it wears off. WTF? Anyway, I'm only taking one 50mg pill a day, my doctor prescribed two of them four times a day, so hopefully I won't get dependent.

Yesterday was the one week anniversary of my doctor's appointment where he said it would be four to six weeks till final FDA approval of the replacement discs. So one week has gone by, it's now three to five weeks. Yay! Hey, I have to keep myself going somehow.


Anonymous Ranabass said...


If you are forced to spend long hours immobile, have you ever tried audiobooks? I use a web service called to subscribed to monthly downloads. They have thousands of titles of unabridged books through periodicals. I have been severely edified since joining there three years ago. Could not recommend it highly enough!

Love, Geo

8:04 PM  

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