Saturday, December 02, 2006

Four days till surgery!

Yesterday I had a call from Dr. Balderston. He confirmed what I said here about the logistics of the surgery. Dr. Wernsing will open my abdomen and push my internal organs aside, then Dr. B will begin working on my spine. He said they will start from the bottom, L5-S1, and work up to L3-4, inserting as many as three ProDiscs total (IF he can fit them in). If he can't replace the discs in L4-5 and L3-4 he'll have to do a fusion on those and that will be done through the posterior incision. He also said they will tilt the vertebrae back from this anterior opening so that I can stand up straight again.

He assured me he'll be getting lots of rest this weekend, and that I'll see him just prior to going to sleep so I can do "what I need to do." He explained that some patients want to squeeze his hands to be sure that he doesn't have a tremor (sounds like I'm not the only one watching too much Grey's Anatomy!) I said the sight of him with clean glasses and in scrubs and not a golf shirt was good enough for me.

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Blogger MzOuiser said...

I feel nothing but good vibes surrounding this. We are all pulling for you! It sounds like your docs know knew their stuff, and now you just have to go through the process. Rest well tonight!

9:07 AM  

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