Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nil per os

I ended up with just one ProDisc and the other two bad discs fused. I'm very disappointed in this result, I really, really, wanted the three discs, but aside from this, I'm doing pretty darn good.

The first few days after surgery weren't so good. I was out of it and in a lot of pain, and then they gave me morphine even though I told them not to. The morning after the procedure I woke up to see my doctor standing next to me with, like, a seven thousand dollar suit a big smile and told him if he didn't want puke on his pants, he needed to step back. The whole side of the bed and me were soaked with puke. It was in my hair, everywhere. I heard Theresa say, "oh, why'd they give her morphine? She gets sick on that." Why indeed? I told the anesthesiologist and anyone would would listen that anasthesia and morhine make me vomit. How is it they don't share this information? Or remember it?

The days after that and leading up to yesterday were pretty much run of the mill post-op days: me out of it and getting ignored by nurses. I sometimes wonder why people with absolutely no compassion or aptitude for working with people go into health care.

Today was the first day I felt coherent in any way. I have some kind of condition or complication called "ileus" which occured as a result of my internal orgrans being moved all around during the surgery. The remedy for this is, of course, to pass gas. I've never had so many people so interested in my farts. Every doctor, nurse, intern and nurse's aide that's come by here since the surgery has asked (sometimes more than once) if I'm "passing any gas?"
They say that average person passes gas around 15-20 times a day. Talk about taking something for granted. I'm up to maybe four times a day and each time, it's a real event. I've been up walking around the floor here, getting my own ice chips, etc. in an attempt to get my sluggish bowels moving, but it's unfortunately a very slow progress.

Yesterday I had the singular indignity of having a tube inserted in my nose, down my throat and into my stomach to try to "decompress" my abdomen. So on top of everything else, I had to sit here watching blackish blood and greenish slime being pumped out of my guts through my nose. I actually asked , no demanded that this be done because my stomach was so distended my skin felt like it was going to snap, this is a very weird feeling. The nurses were saying they could have bounced a quarter off my belly. I was dosed up with drugs, fell asleep and pulled the tube out. Thank god they said they didn't want to put it back in. The canister with the yucky guts stuff in it is still hanging on a hook on the wall. I've had three sets of xrays, called "obstruction series" looking for what was in there. I overheard one of the doctors say it was a dilated loop, so apparently it is just several giant gas bubbles.

It's been seven days now that I haven't eaten. I'm allowed to chew/suck on ice chips but that's it. I've been fantasizing about what I want to eat when I 'm allowed, and it isn't even the elaborate steak or lobster dinner that most people might crave, I'm thinking about everyday little things like Triscuits, some raisins, maybe a handful of almonds, and hot cup of strong tea. Oh, yeah, pretty darn good.

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Blogger jolene said...

I am sorry to hear that they didn't do the 3 disks, hun. But hey! You got through it!

You know, my brother can belch the alphabet... maybe you should try something with the gas passing... Perhaps some creative holiday carolling?



7:50 PM  
Blogger HeroXJimmy said...

Well if I were anymore proud I suppose I would have to scream.

I love you much.

Hero and Jimmy

8:04 PM  
Blogger urbain said...

Hello Ingrid.
You have so much pain and i feel so sorry for you.
I hope you will be better on the new year so that you can begin a new and better live without pain and that you can go like never before.
I pray for you Ingrid.
All comes good girl.

8:53 PM  
Blogger MzOuiser said...

God, the brilliant irony of therapeutic farting. Even in all your recovery suffering, your sense of humour shines. Sending lots of healing vibes your way!!

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Confuscia said...

I had my first laminectomy when I was 21 (thats wher ethey suck the jelly out of the inside of the disk). I had my second when I was 32 and my new daughter was 8 months old. I too had the same "gas" problems. It did go away but it took 10 days. The problem was that you don't realise that you use your back muscles to "expel" the once delicious food. I don't think I ate for another 5 day after the first trip to the restroom. I can say it does get better!!! Good Luck and hang in there. I'll keep my eyes on your blog to see how you are doing.. :) Keep that sense of humor!!!

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Tankgirl said...

Hi Ingrid!

It is great to see you in good spirits.

I watched my sister go thru the pains of trying to pass gas, after a surgery this summer. I felt so bad for her, and she was so hungry and was stuck in the hospital for days, when she should have been home already. I can't imagine going thru that for a week or more!

Ewww....and your description of the tube down your nose brought back some memories for me! I was lucky enough to have a tube stuck down my nose when I was 5 years old and had just gotten my appendix out. Sadly, that hospital visit is one of my earliest memories.

I so am glad for you that your surgery was successful.

It is good for me to read your blog, because when I am having a bad day, I sometimes get wrapped up in my pain, and I let it drag me down. But you remind me that things could be a whole lot worse and that I am very lucky. Thanks for that.


5:18 AM  

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