Sunday, April 16, 2006

The last few days

I've been putting off posting because as I said to a friend in an email, I'm kind of ashamed to continue to "update" when there's no progress. People don't want to read endless descriptions of intractable pain, no matter how well written. (*wink)

When I saw Dr. B nearly two weeks ago, he was concerned about my weight, and sure enough, when I went to see Dr. Mulrooney for the pain medicine last week, I weighed in at a whopping 99 pounds. I've lost about 10-12 pounds on an already slim body. He suggested Boost, but as the first three ingredients are water, corn syrup and sugar, (why do they need both?)I think I'll stick to the whey protein powder from GNC mixed with milk.

Still, I'm not going to gain any "good" weight (read: muscle) without being able to work out. Tyler bought me a small set of hand weights and I've been doing upper body workouts, but I think that may be what has caused the unbelievable/unrelievable pain I've experienced over the last few days. Something about sitting up and trying to keep my balance even while leaning against a chair back and focusing on NOT MOVING MY SPINE must have moved my spine the wrong way; I swear if I could have cut my legs off last night, I would have.

I'm taking the Ultram more often now, but it's messing me up, digestive system-wise, if you get my oh, so slow and bloated drift. And I STILL have to take Tylenol with it to really get any kind of relief from the pain, and not just a vacation from reality, as it were. I don't get it; they can put a man on the moon, (well, maybe) but they can't make something that *takes pain away* and doesn't make me feel like Elvis. Now that would be progress.


Blogger Urbain said...

Hi Ingrid.
Why must you have such a pain .
I hope it will over soon. Pray for you girl.
I think of you all days and read here how you make it.
I cant find the words but i will support you with a little comment
hope it will help you a little to be happy again without the pain you have now.
I wish you can make photos again on a way you only can.
Sorry for my bad english Ingrid.
I hope read in a short time that you make it much better.

9:13 PM  

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