Sunday, April 06, 2008


Went to the Tartan Day parade yesterday with some Flickr friends. I still get the same old pains in my legs after being on my feet for a good 4 hours. Maybe I expect too much and everyone my age *cough cough* feels this way? Still, after four hours on their feet, my buddies were heading off to walk another twenty blocks to stand in another bar, while I headed off to the subway.

I don't take pain meds for this type of pain, I'm kind of used to it by now. Yesterday I took 200 mg of Neurontin, which doesn't so much help the pain as calm me down and take my focus off of it. Any kind of pain generates a bit of anxiety as I'm worried that I'll go back to pre-surgery Elvis-like pain levels. I know better; those days have really and truly "left the building" but sometimes I am afraid of ghosts.

In related news:
I had my last appointment at the pain clinic on Tuesday, and it was a rip-snorting, muscle releasing success. I'm very sad to see the clinic end, but I'm hoping now that I go back to the Saturday appointments, they can and will do the same type of treatment.
I have my second Alexander lesson on Wednesday night.

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