Sunday, April 23, 2006

Little Things

Here’s a list of things that are making me happy right now:

Cleaning up the kitchen.
I can lean on the counter with one hand and wipe the counters, put dishes in the dishwasher (as long I can handle them with one hand and they’re not too heavy, like the Creuset Dutch Oven or the Pyrex baking dish we make roast chicken in). It takes me a long time to do, but I feel such a sense of satisfaction when the dishwasher is rumbling away and the counters are shiny and damp and everything smells like soap and hot water and there are no coffee grounds or pieces of lettuce in the sink trap.

Medicine, pain and resulting anxiety make me sweat sometimes. Showers feel really good, though they’re kinda scary since my movement is limited and it’s pretty slippery in there.

Sitting outside with Tony

The days that Tony is not at daycare, I can take him outside and sit on the front steps of the building. He sits nicely at my feet, protecting me, and we both get some fresh air and sun. Neighbors stop by to chat and pet Tony, who acts like the mayor of the block, the way he has to greet each and every person that comes by.

NYPD Blue Reruns
Yes, if you’ve talked to me on the phone lately, you know that this is a big part of my life now. Yes, I know it’s not really all shot in New York, but they’ve captured the New York “feel” and they have very brief establishing shots that *are* actually shot here, including some fleeting glimpses of the World Trade Center that make me gasp. Plus I can’t watch more than the first half of Law and Order for the reasons I gave here. It’s a phase, ‘K? After this is all over and I’ve had the surgery, I’ll probably never want to see Dennis Franz again, but for right now, Andy Sipowisz is god.

I can lean on the handle and push it slowly around the floor, picking up the dust and dog hair. Clean is good!


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