Monday, August 21, 2006

Hurry up and wait

As usual, I jumped the gun. Of course I was so happy to see the news release about ProDisc's approval by the FDA that I just skimmed the part where they said it was approved for "single level" use.

I need two.

When the Charite disc was approved a few years ago, it was also only approved for single level use, but doctors began using it for multiple levels almost right away through something called "discretion." I'm *so* hoping that this can get worked out so I can get my life back.

I'm waiting (since last Thursday) to hear back from Dr. Balderston's office. I'm sure that they are getting deluged with calls about people wanting to find out where they are on the waiting list, but guess what? That's not my problem. Do you think they might have anticipated something like that and maybe prepared for it by hiring a temp or something to respond to everyone? But no! The horrid NP that acts as gatekeeper for Dr. B. seems to think that the best way to manage patients who are in pain and terrified is to ignore them. I can tell you that I am livid with anger at not having my call returned in three days' time! Sure I know they're busy, but come on! If you can't deal with patients, get out of health care. I'm calling again tomorrow to schedule a phone appointment, or, because in October it will be six months since I've been seen, a real appointment, with X-rays and everything.

I'm more scared now than I was a few months ago, I think because I may be closer to getting denied by the insurance company. In some ways, it was almost better to just be in a limbo, forced into believing that I'd have the surgery soon, than to be confronted with the possibility of having it taken away.


Blogger Paulette said...

Don't wait for them to call. Call them every day. Those that answer the phone are not the ones doing your surgery they are just peon’s so don't worry about peeing on them. The only reason why I got my surgery was I bugged the crap out of them. Just be polite and continue to thank them for there time and let them know when YOU will be calling back.

7:07 PM  

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