Monday, December 18, 2006

Tummy Ache

They took yet another set of xrays (this was the fourth!) this morning and determined that the obstruction had lessened somewhat, at least enough to allow me to graduate to a clear liquid diet. Yay! I've been sipping on cranberry juice and extra salty beef broth all day. My abdomen is still very distended (though you can't really tell from this picture) though not as much as before. Because I'm now ingesting clear liquids, they were able to take me off the IV fluids, and not a moment too soon, as I have not a viable vein left in either of my arms or hands.

Unfortunately, taking me off the IV also means that they are trying to wean me off of the IV pain meds. The Demerol was really allowing me to get sleep that I desparately need and I'm just now realizing that all this hurts. A lot. Dr. Balderston says that I'll have muscle aches and pain for "several months" (ouch!) while my body adjusts to its new way of being. My right leg, for instance, which was always buckling underneath me is now stretched taut, as are my stomach muscles. It feels a bit weird to be walking upright and not have to hold myself up with anything, but, hey, I could get used to it!

Keep your fingers crossed that all goes ok with the clear liquids and that I can graduate to the "mushy diet" tomorrow and then it's on to solid foods. I won't be getting out tomorrow, Wednesday or Thursday is more like it, and I'll know more after talking with Dr. B. tomorrow morning.

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Anonymous bittersweet choc said...

dear ingrid, you are really, really tough! i am wishing you well.

9:49 AM  

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