Saturday, May 26, 2007

Medicare Denies ProDisc Coverage

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"How'm I doin'?"

Shame on me for not updating, but I've got a good reason; I've been busy doing other things rather than obsessing about my back!

So I'm seeing a physical therapist for the stabbing, tearing pain in the middle of my upper back. It was most likely brought on by me trying to overdo everything cause I just felt so good and ready to try to stretch and work out like I normally do, well, like I normally did almost a year and a half ago. Swimming, which is supposed to be so good, probably should have been done with a bit more restraint than I went for it, but say la vee.

The PT mostly just massages the region around where the pain originates. It's all 'crunchy' cause there are so many knots in the muscles. This isn't a relaxing massage, either, folks. She puts some real elbow grease into it and I'm usually sore just from the rubbing, but I know it's good sore cause it means that blood and oxygen are getting to the muscles that need it. Then I do some light, very light, exercises for that region, and what do you know? It's getting better. When I go back for my post-op visit in June it will be six months and that's when Theresa says they usually start the PT for the lower back, the area that was actually most affected by the surgery, even though what I'm experiencing with my upper back is a result of my whole skeletal structure being shifted around. This Friday will be five months to the day since the surgery, we'll see how I'm doing then.

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