Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skin wipes verdict: not that bad

Well after all that building up I did, the wipes are not THAT bad, actually felt rather cool (temperature wise) going on, but now that my skin is dry, it's tacky and sticky and I smell like a hospital bathroom. The instructions  said to use one cloth for my neck, chest and arms, one for stomach and groin (!), one for neck and back, one for each leg and one for the buttocks INCLUDING THE SKIN FOLD. Not sure what they mean by skin fold but I ASSume (see what i did there?) the bottom of the butt. So I did it and it felt ok while I was doing it, but then as soon as I stopped and it started to dry on my skin, the stickiness and discomfort started. Not sure how I'm going to sleep  as it's hot as hell here in NYC and I can't wet my skin or take another shower and I don't have my air conditioner in yet. Incidentally all this does not bode well for my hygiene tomorrow morning before surgery but I guess they know what they're doing. So I'm now sweaty on top of being sticky and bathroom-y smelling, but the bright side is only 7 more  hours till I get to use them again!


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