Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pre admin testing in two days! Surgery on the 30th.

I spoke with Dr. Spivak on Monday night. He now thinks the chances are very very good to get an artificial disc in there. He explained that once they start operating and going in to take the bone spurs out (they're in the back) they can't leave the OR without either doing a fusion or getting a disc in. I had expressed to him before, in his office and in the email he was responding to, that I didn't want a fusion, but now I understand better what will be done and how it can't be avoided but is the second option after the artificial disc.
The recovery time is much shorter for this, as I noted before; only in the hospital overnight. Also since they have to go in from the front, they'll put an incision in my throat. I'm upset cause I have a nice neck. He said they usually like to incise in a neck crease, but I don't have a neck crease, ha! Suck it all you creased-neck bitches!
More after the tests on the 24th. Pray my insurance pays for the artificial disc.


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