Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just had a call from Dr. B. He didn't say anything about me developing another curve in the lumbar region, but he did say that L3-4 has "really slid to the side." I sure wish I could see what the hell that looks like. He said because of that, this level will most likely be the level that gets fused. I'll be seeing him again in about a month's time (appointment for October 20) so hopefully I can see the x-rays then, cause I'm really curious as to what a sliding disc looks like.

L5-S1 is "perfect" for a prodisc and since this is the lowest level, it will restore my movement to my hips. L4-5 has "collapsed axially" meaning this is the one that is pitching me forward. That will be replaced as well; it is hardly worth going through this surgery and not being able to stand up, is it? At least not for me.

He said stay as strong as possible and try to do as much stretching as possible without hurting myself. I'm off to stretch!

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