Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Money stuff

I'm disabled! It's official!

Right. Normally, I wouldn't celebrate this kind of news, but when it means getting some money, at this point, I'm all for it! I love Mr. Tingle in all his Dickensian/Kafkan splendor, as I believe that he, along with my doctor writing a letter stating that I was indeed non-functioning, was a large part of my being approved.

Just this past weekend, with the realization that even if Aetna pays for everything, they won't pay for everything, as our plan only covers 90% of in-patient/surgical care, I've finally gotten off my ass and set up an online shop to make some money and help out with day-to-day stuff like paying the dog walker, since I can't walk Tony as much as he needs, and to partially subsidize the cabs I have to take to go even a few blocks.

Money, and the lack thereof, has always been a sore subject for me, so to ask people to buy my stuff to help me out is hard, but I hope soon I can celebrate getting some money for something besides being disabled (hint hint).

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