Thursday, January 11, 2007

Progress, maybe

Since I'm not allowed to do any exercise other than walk, I've been really trying to make the most of that. I've been going on increasingly longer walks everyday (Tony is upset that I don't take him along!), beginning with just walking around the hallways in my building and now including strolls around my Chelsea neighborhood. These latter outings are usually under the guise of running some errand, like picking up some fruit, dropping books off at the library, or buying a magazine or small treat for myself (croissants from Breadstix Cafe) while I'm out.

Yesterday I walked over the West Side Highway, up to 27th Street (when it started snowing!), back over to 10th Avenue, down to 23rd Street, up to 9th Avenue and then cut through my building for the last block cause I was freezing my ankles off in my capri sweats.

Today, since my long-frozen membership at NYSC has finally been unfrozen (I'd been working out at the London Terrace gym until just before I went into the hospital, it was much, much closer to home), and since I didn't feel like freezing my ankles again, I walked the two long blocks over to NYSC at 8th Ave. Once there, I walked a mile on the treadmill, then walked home with a small bag of fruit. My butt and legs have been sore since Tyler and I walked over to Bed Bath and Beyond on Sunday (four crosstown blocks from our apt., my farthest walk yet!) and took a cab back home (when I realized with a start of horror that I wasn't supposed to be in a car, but by then we were almost home, incident-free, thankfully).

Still, I've kept up with the walking every day this week. The soreness feels good; it's a different kind of achiness, a different kind of pain. This pain is from use, from increasing strength. It feels good. I'll let you know tomorrow if it still feels good, but whether it does or not, I'm still going to walk. Maybe just not as far.

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