Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Quest for Sweats

I'm on a mission to find a pair of good quality sweat or fleece pants that fit, and that don't have an extra tight waistband. After I discovered how comfortable the Old Navy Sleep Bottoms were (soft cotton flannel fabric with gentle elastic and a drawstring that doesn't irritate the incision) I sent Tyler to pick up the last two XS pairs in our local store. They are my uniform, and thank goodness all the pairs I have are new enough not to be ratty, so I can wear them when strolling around the hallways in my building.

But now that I am getting outside (trying anyway, once a day)I need something I can wear outside that is stretchy and warm and comfortable. Jeans are out right now, they would cut right into the incision on my stomach and probably my back too. I have two pairs of sweatpants but they got mistakenly put into the dryer, so they are now capri pants. My yoga pants are too thin to wear outside in the cold. Also, all these items have fairly heavy waistbands that, if they don't cut into the incision area, cause sweating in that general area, which leads to more insane itching than usual.

If anyone has any suggestions for a good pair of semi heavy-weight "activewear" (ha that's a relative term!)pants aka sweat pants that look decent enough to wear out on the streets of New York, and that don't have super tight waists, please let me know?

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Blogger MzOuiser said...

How about something like this?

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