Saturday, February 03, 2007

I feel good!

I'm feeling like kicking up my heels!

I'm feeling really good lately. I've still got some really persistent itching in the incision area (I guess I can call it a scar now) and a twinge in my left lower back that feels like the start of sciatica, but isn't (a signal from my body that I'm over doing it a bit).

Spoke to Theresa on Friday about the quasi-sciatica pain and got the go-ahead to start riding the recumbent stationary bike at the gym. The reason that they don't tell everyone to do it is because some people have a lot of pain and discomfort when they sit. This can continue up to 6 months after the surgery. Lucky for me, I managed the bike for 20 minutes no problem. I'm really glad to have something else besides walking to do; it was getting boring, and now that I'm walking Tony more than just for "business," I needed another activity for the gym.

Thursday Tony and I walked up to 44th and 9th back (three miles total) to 24th and 10th. It's not a very picturesque walk, lots of trucks and buses up that way. Going south on 10th Avenue is definitely a better option, except it's really cold ; the wind whips off the Hudson like a mother. Most picturesque would be the walkway in Hudson River Park, but that would be colder still, plus Tony hates rollerbladers and skateboarders (don't we all?). Yesterday we went two miles and today too, a mile in the morning and a mile in the afternoon. Plus, I went over to the gym at 8th Ave. (another mile round trip) and rode the recumbent bike for 20 minutes for an additional three and a half miles. I'm also doing a bit of upper body work, biceps and triceps and shoulders, light weights, lotsa reps.

Both scars are very itchy. I still can't bend properly, so I keep my slippers, sneakers and boots (the only footwear I've been in for a year) on a shelf so I won't have to bend to get them. Also, washing my face at the sink and brushing my teeth are still hard. Well, brushing the teeth isn't so bad, it's the spitting, ever try spitting NOT on yourself without bending at the waist? I could bend at the hips, but I'd have to stand in the tub to reach the sink; I'd look like one of those dipping birds Anyway, we moved a small stool into the bathroom. Did I mention the itching? Otherwise I could positively jump for joy! But don't tell my doctor.

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Blogger Lee said...

It's great that you've been able to put in the milage so far. I'm sure Tony is glad to go walkies with you. I always take the itching as a sign of healing.

And I've heard how horridly cold it is there right now. My sympathies.

6:26 AM  

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