Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm Walkin' ...

Yes indeed!

So today I decided to go the medical supply store at 8th and 25th and see about some kind of a brace to wear to help to remind me to stop twisting! Try to count up how many times a day you twist your torso, then imagine not doing it. It's nearly impossible for me, it seems. Anyway, I spoke to Theresa about this yesterday and she suggested that I try one on before I buy it, then she would fax in a script so it would be covered by the insurance.

So I get to the store and they have quite a selection; the guy who is in charge of "devices" helps to fit me with one, and when he pulls it around my waist to cinch it, his knuckles go right into the incision. Even without his knuckles in the mix, it's way too tight to be comfortable on the incision right now (this is the abdominal incision I'm complaining about right now; for some reason, the incision in my back seems to be further along in the healing process and not as sensitive to the touch). I decided not to get one, at least for now. I'm seeing Dr. Balderston next Friday anyway, so hopefully he'll tell me that it is ok to twist, or something.

I did my walking again today! After I walked over to 8th Avenue to the medical supply store I went down to the gym at 23rd and did a mile on the treadmill at a higher speed than yesterday and a .5 grade incline. Yay! I now have sore legs, sore butt, and shin splints, but man, is it a good feeling. Shin splints remind me of running, and that's ALL good. My stomach muscles are also really sore, not sure what that's about, I mean other than the surgery five weeks ago. They seem to be getting a bit more sore as I increase the walking. I'm happy for any muscle sensation I get at this point, and can't wait to be able to do more. For someone as active as I usually am, this is torture.

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