Tuesday, June 12, 2007

XRays- Six Month follow up

Oh, of course he comes in the room and goes straight for the xrays, saying how fantastic they look (nothing like patting yourself on the back, there, Dr. B). Then he asks me to stand and says how fantastic I look, how straight, and tall, if a bit too thin (I know I need to put on some weight). I can bend over nicely, but still can't bring my leg up to tie my shoes, etc., but I now have the go ahead to begin stretching so I can tie my shoes.

He insists that the sciatica and tearing pain in my upper back is due to my body slowly readjusting to movements that are still fairly unfamiliar to it, such as walking longer distances more often, sitting for longer periods, and gosh darn it, playing badminton!

Of course, I completely forgot to get a new PT script from him, but I can get that faxed over to Pam by tomorrow. He says light weights (which is what I've been doing) should help to strengthen it up, and with strength will come relief from pain. I hope so! I think I'll even tempt fate and begin to swim again, gently this time, so any pats on the back won't hurt too much.

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Anonymous madmolecule (aka Zeke) said...

You look great; I'm amazed at how you've progressed since the surgery. Here's a (light, careful) pat on the back for you!

3:01 AM  

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