Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Abdominal Incision 14 weeks

*sigh* Again, not much difference that I can see. So little difference that I even forgot to post a shot last week. It's still lumpy and red, and I'm still feeling the little (sometimes not so little) pin pricks of pain that mean that the nerve endings are coming back to life.

I've been swimming, doing the elliptical, some light weight-training and long walks with Tony. A week or so ago I went down to Canal Street with a friend and we had to wander around up and down the same street a few times before we found the store we wanted, and I could! What a difference, just 4 months ago, there's no way I would've even made it to Pearl Paints, much less wandering around in the plastic store and then looking for Pearl River. Yay for my legs!

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