Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Abdominal Incision 12 weeks

OK, still not looking too much better, but they say it needs three months to work fully. Wouldn't it look better in three months anyway? It seems that this is similar to Groundhog Day (the day, not the movie), in that if the ground hog sees his shadow it's six more weeks of winter, and if not it will be an early spring. Well, how much earlier can spring come than the second week of March, which is six weeks from Groundhog Day? It's the same thing in my book. Anyway, I digress, but only because I'm just not too excited about the results from the Neosporin Scar Solution so far. I'm hoping that there will be a big improvement all of a sudden in the next few weeks because as you can see in the picture, I bought a two piece bathing suit! It's a TYR fitness suit and it's going to be great for swimming laps. It fits great and I was having a real problem with the one pieces; my torso is longer by at least a quarter to a half an inch, so all the suits that fit my hips were digging into my shoulders because they were too short for me. So I'll be flaunting my scars at the London Terrace pool, I hope no one is squeamish!

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Blogger Lee said...

Actually, it does look a bit better and you look far less "puffy"/swollen than before.

If anyone at the LT pool gives you grief about it, just say in a "tough New Yorker" attitude that you got it in a gang war fight and you ain't afraid of gettin' in someone's face! ;-)

7:05 AM  
Blogger J. M. said...

Are you kidding? If I had a bitchin' scar like that, I'd outline it with waterproof lipliner in crimson before I went to the pool!!!!

12:40 PM  

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