Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Uptown Girl!

Yesterday I went the farthest yet on my own, up to 96th and CPW to my dentist's office. I took the 10th Avenue bus up there and walked the block and a half from the stop to his office. The uptown bus was definitely a smoother ride than the crosstown double length job, with all its weird rattley segments, so even though I was on the bus for much longer (try 40 minutes!), I was ok. On the way home, I was very close to the C train, so I ventured down the stairs and, surprize! It was ok. I was worried again about bumping and jostling, but it wasn't crowded at all and it was really fun to be on the subway again, without the cane and without Tyler and without worrying.

I'm actually starting to feel not only like a normal human again, but a New Yorker! Yay!

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Blogger stureyk said...

Ohh.... I'm so glad that you are able to live your NY life again which I know you love and need.

Although my pearls on earth are of another nature belonging to my country I fully understand your desire for your NY. And adding to that I love NY also and enjoy each time I'm there.

Everything is fine and my son living in Brooklyn is now in South Africa or Gambia shooting for an advertisement for Hummer Jeep.

My daughter is now 100% in the city councel of Reykjavík since one of her partners took a 2 year assignment for the Red Cross in Africa.

I bought a new old jeep (12 years) and the next step is to change it for bigger wheels so snow-driving will be possible. Thats' really my hobby and has been for many years. I will have a before and after picture of the car when finished changing it.

Have an ever lasting good time and a stronger and stronger back to keep you moving to all the places you like.

Your friend Sturla

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ingrid, I'm back reading your latest Back Blog entries, and glad you're doing better, and have been able to get around - what great news! As they say, "You GO, girl!" :) Whenever I see Tyler & Tony I ask to send my regards, and hope to see you out and about, esp. as the weather warms up.

Take care,
Phyllis up in 17-C

11:27 AM  

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