Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All the barking dogs were not in the ring ...

This past week found me grimacing every time I leaned forward in my seat or randomly when I put weight on my left leg, and then later, also my right. Ugh. Not much pain, but pain, nevertheless, coupled with a weird pulling sensation that I've felt before over the last 15 years or so. Ugh x 2. My normal reaction to it would be to stretch stretch stretch my back and my legs, but that is still verboten, so I was left with just the grimacing, which didn't help, and rest, which did.

Another call to Theresa pretty much confirmed what I had feared: I'm overdoing it. She said it's not unusual for patients to have pain associated with the surgery for months or even up to a year afterward. Of course, Type A competitor that I am, I was trying to be the "star" patient and really astound everyone with everything that I was doing. So much for that. I can't even imagine going through everything that I went through to still have pain.

So I decided to cut back on my activities. No more going to the gym every day on top of the dog walks, and walking for shorter distances with Tony until this goes away. It's already gotten better.

All this didn't take effect until today, of course, because I had to go to the dog show yesterday. I've been going to Westminster for a few years now, and really missed going last year (I was in bad shape last year this time, remember?). I was wondering what being on my feet for a good portion of the day was going to feel like, now I know: tired, achy, painful, but oh, I was in heaven!

I did come home to rest for an hour or so at mid-morning (right after I saw the Borders in the ring!), and it did seem to help. What also helped was the taking of a Darvocet around 12:30 and forcing myself to sit down and stay sitting for a half an hour. It was hard! I really had to not allow myself to get up and walk around, looking for pictures to take. I finally headed home, reluctantly, about 4:15. I SO could've stayed there all night and gone again today. Did I mention it was heavenly?

I have to say that of all the aches and pains I have today, and they are many (shoulders and neck, probably from camera; entire back, legs, hips and butt), I think my feet were the biggest casualty. I hadn't realized how tender they were from doing only the most minimal of walking for an entire year.

So my new rest regime starts today. I'm putting my feet up, waiting for the dog walker to come and take Tony out, and cueing up the DVR of the dog show that was on USA last night. At least my dogs are getting a rest today!

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