Monday, May 01, 2006


Getting ready to apply for disability (SSDI) and not very optimistic about the outcome. I've found a blogger who used to work for SSDI and doesn't paint a sympathetic picture for sufferers of Degenerative Disc Disease who apply. This pisses me off, though it is typical of the government and the medical community in general to be dismissive of the nebulous world of "back pain." The problem is, it is fairly easy, I'm guessing, to fake. So now thanks to all the fakers out there, I can't (well, I'm getting ahead of myself and predicting here, I haven't even applied yet; but from what I've read and people tell me, it is next to impossible to get SSDI for back pain) get any benefits that are due to me even though I am genuinely unable to function in any meaningful way anymore.


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