Monday, October 09, 2006

We spoke to Dr. B's office last week with questions about my activities. Last time I spoke with him he told me to stay strong and stretch, but things are going downhill, literally, by the week so I was worried that my efforts to stay active were somehow harming me. Tyler spoke to Theresa who said that pain aside, swimming was good (check) and that I should not be doing anything high impact (yeah, right, there goes that Salsa Step class I was signed up for) or carrying any weights. I've switched my upper body workout from free weights to machines to give me a bit more support, as I'm now afraid that bicep curls have been wearing down my discs. That's ridiculous, of course, I know that, but still.

I go back to see Dr. B on October 20th and I'm terrified that after all this time I'm going to either be denied by the insurance company or my discs will have deteriorated to the point where the disc won't physically fit. I'm anxious beyond belief about this, but all I can really do is wait it out till next week, something I've never been good at.

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Blogger HeroXJimmy said...

That is terribly frustrating; I can't imagine waiting like this. You have been waiting for so long for all of this. I mean, I have to wait just a few days for that little test I took, well not that little as it could be very serious, but I only have to wait a few days and it is making me crazy. I do not know what to say other than "sit tight".

Hero and Jimmy

5:06 PM  

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