Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm too thin!

I guess it is not possible to be "too rich" but I am definitely too thin right now.

As I said here, Dr. Balderston wanted me to gain some weight, but without any kind of exercise in the picture it's hard. I don't want to gain fat, and that's what will happen if I just start loading up on cake, chips, ice cream, etc.

Anyone have any tips on putting on muscle without really working out? I do have some tiny hand weights for my arms and upper body, and have been doing isometrics for my legs and butt (pillow between the knees, squeeze it while squeezing butt at the same time, hold for about two minutes, do about 10 to 15 of these a day) but other than that, I am forced to be pretty sedentary. Add the pain and inability to sit for longer than 3 seconds to the system numbing effects of the pain medication and my appetite is nil. I'm having one protein shake a day, and I will probably up that to two a day if I can't find another way to get some good calories in me. I dread having to face surgery, even if it is months away, being so underweight.


Anonymous Ranabass - George said...

After reading your comment (Ha! I don't know WHY its called a loofah dog, as it resembles a loofah only as it resembles a baguette or a hot dog!), thanks so much, I was startled to find how long it had been since i saw your flickr page! Geez, time is flying when i ain't havin' fun! I just caught up on both, and btw the visual look, colors and colored bolds is so good on that backblog page!

What an irony with that NYPD Blue! I am wondering if the frequency of its use in fraud is a tool of the trade. If it is difficult to diagnose, it would be a natural choice for the crook. Then perhaps word got out on the street that it was a good smokescreen? Do insurance fakers have webpages where they trade advice???

As always, damn your writing is good.

All love from the pugs!

1:46 PM  

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