Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pimp my cane!

Pimp my cane!
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I finally broke down and sent Tyler out this weekend to get me a cane. He came back with this sleek black "quad" style (so called because of the four feet at the bottom). It doesn't help so much with walking as it gives me something to lean on when I have to stop every few steps to rest.

Here's the part where you come in ... Get busy all you creative and crafty cats and kittens! Any kind of stickers or labels (like file folder or address labels) stick to it (no post-its please, they fall right off!), it is about 2" in diameter so things could be tied around it, and the little ledge at the bottom could fit a tiny mascot or two. So tiny printed photos, notes, graffiti-like tags, anything like that would work on it. Think of it as kind of like signing someone's cast in the digital age and it's not a cast it's a cane.

If you are interested in pimping my cane, please email or flickr mail me for my mailing address, or you can email a file to me to be printed on an address label.

Yo! Pimp my cane!


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