Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Things I’m going to do when this is over:

1. Wear high heels. A lot.
I’m gonna teeter around in a dainty way and shift my hips ever so slightly to and fro and admire the heck out of the muscles in my calves and look at how nice and slim my ankles are. Plus, I’m sick of sneakers.

2. Go to a store and shop (maybe in high heels). See also #1.
I’m tired of ordering Q-tips and moisturizer from Drugstore.com. Yesterday I ordered new sneakers from Amazon because the mere thought of going over to the Sports Authority or Paragon exhausted me. (I went with Tyler to Century 21 on Memorial Day. Big mistake. We left in tears. Both of us. Ok, not really, but it was pretty bad, packed with rude people from the outer boroughs or somewhere not civilized where I can only assume no one uses canes because I had mine kicked out from under me more times than I can count by some fatass on their way to buying an XXL golf shirt).

3. Walk Tony (maybe in high heels). See also #1
Our dog walker is great. Her name is Shirly and she comes everyday at 3PM to take Tony to the dog park. I miss going there with him; miss laughing at his antics and miss seeing his pure dog-joy when he’s playing with all his dog-friends. If only we humans had some equivalent to being let off a leash and running around romping for an hour.

4. Walk. A lot. Maybe in high heels! See also #1
I’m tired of having to take cabs everywhere because walking the two blocks to the subway is just too far. Even going around the corner to 10th and 23rd to catch the crosstown bus to go to the subway is a trek.

5. Go back to NYSC at 8th Ave. I froze my membership there and joined the gym in my building since it is just around the corner. The London Terrace Health Club is fine, just fine. They have pretty good equipment and it is never crowded when I go (midday, midweek). But the ceilings are low and there aren’t a lot of windows and they don’t have the seated leg press machine I like (and can use) and they don’t have the individual TVs at each cardio machine. I miss Jerry Springer and all the bad VH1 documentaries and reality shows I used to watch while pedaling away and raising my heart rate into my target zone. I only joined the gym here for three months, cause hopefully within three months I’ll be having the surgery. *I still can’t get over the fact that I can exercise but I can’t walk or stand up straight without panting from exhaustion.* Weird, huh?

6. Dress nicer. I live in yoga pants (cause they’re easy to get up and down after going to the bathroom with one hand while leaning on the cane with the other) and those camisoles with the built-in bra (cause they’re comfortable and the last thing I need with everything else is some underwire cutting into me, especially now that my ribs are really prominent) and socks and slippers. Sometimes not even slippers! When I go “out” I might put on jeans and sneakers, or a pair of flats, but honestly, I just switched winter for summer clothes this weekend and realized I hadn’t worn *anything* nice since January.

7. See #1


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